Month capacity reached 60 million pouches

Barrier film is for Protection of dental chair and dental equipment: paste barrier film on dental chairdental chair operation keyboarddental lampshadedental handledoor handle, and other places where hands touch to isolate bacteria and prevent cross infectionIt is easy to use and easy to be removed without residueespecially easy to be removed on non sticky edges.

  • blue dental barrier film
    blue dental barrier film
    Disposable dental barrier film blue/white
    Barrier film is used for covering items likely to become contaminated during a medical procedure, tattoo, or piercing. It is used to prevent contamination and cross-contamination.  This Precision Barrier Film comes in a convenient dispenser box with 1200 perforated sheets.  Each sheet is 4" x 6".  Some items during tattooing that you may cover with barrier film include power supply knobs, lights, arms of chairs, and other various locations in your tattooing or piercing room.

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