How to use medical paper-plastic sterilization packaging pouch
September 16 , 2020

How to use medical paper-plastic sterilization packaging pouch

1. Put clean and dry medical equipment and articles into the sterilization pouch.

2. Remove strip from adhesive band, fold paper flap against film, Press down firmly from center outwards(self sealing sterilization pouch; or use sealing machine to seal the pouch (sterilization roll or heat sealing pouch);

3. Put the pouch with medical instrument into the autoclave steam sterilizer or ETO ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, and sterilize them according to the conventional method.

4. Mark the sterilization date, content and purpose and other information, and confirm that the sterilization process indicator has changed color.

5. Put the sterilized items in a dry, dark and clean place for later use.

6. When you use it, tear off the sterilization pouch, take out the medical instrument and articles in it, and then use it. The equipment items are sterile at this time.

Recommendations for the use of medical sterilization packaging

1. Store in a qualified environment after standard sterilization. When the temperature, humidity and cleanliness are appropriate, the sterilized equipment items stored in the sterilization bag are recommended to be used within 6 months after STEAM sterilization. ; After sterilization by ETO, it is recommended to use within 24 months.

2. Before use, check the integrity of the sterilization pouch. Do not use it if it is damaged.

3. The shelf life of medical sterilization pouch is 3 years according to EN868 storage standards

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