sterilization pouch
November 25 , 2020

sterilization pouch


As a manufacturer & trader of sterilization packaging materials,sterile barrier products and medical hygienic materials,Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd,commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner ,dental sterilization pouch is one of its main products.

1. Introduction

1.1 Specification

1.2 Product Material

1.3 Product Use

2.How to use it



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1. Introduction


The sterilization pouch are available in a variety of specifications, 5-50 boxes per box.

Product material:

This dental sterilization pouch is composed of transparent PET/PP high temperature composite film, medical dialysis paper and double-sided high temperature resistant tape. The color changing indicating ink of this medical sterilization pouch is suitable for sterilization of high temperature steam and ethylene oxide. The color changing is accurate, clear and non-inverting after sterilization.

Product Use:

This kind of medical sterilization pouch is mainly applicable to hospital, dental clinic, laboratory sterilization, sterilization of medical equipment, medical supplies manufacturers, manicure and nail center, tattoo center, home rehabilitation sterilization, etc.

2.How to use it

1>Pack the sterilized item into the product.Tear off the bottom divider, fold inward along the dotted line and press hard.

2>Sterilization methods
Steam sterilization
When using 121 ° C steam sterilization, the sterilization duration is 20-30 minutes.When using 132 °C steam sterilization, the sterilization time is 4 minutes.The volume of this pouch should be between 5% and 80% of the volume of the sterilizer.

Ethylene oxide sterilization:
The ethylene oxide concentration is 800 to 1000 mg / L, and the relative temperature

is 55 ° C to 60 ° C. When the relative humidity is 60% to 80%, the sterilization duration is 6 hours.

3>After sterilization, if the sterilization indicating colour of this disinfection product is changed (it turns yellow after sterilization with ethylene oxide and brown after sterilization with high-temperature steam), it indicates that it has been sterilized.

4>Gently tear open the upper opening and remove the sterilized items.

Bactericidal discoloration:

After ETO is treated, the initial pink turns brown/yellow;

The initial blue turns gray/black after steam treatment.

3.Product Features

1> Adopt three-layer heat sealing blanking process to prevent the pouch bursting;

2.>Good resistance to bacteria, air permeability, bacterial barrier and clean opening;

3> Transparent PET/PP composite film and medical dialysis paper (domestic paper/imported medical-grade self-adhesive dialysis paper: French Arjo has 60g / 70g respectively);

4>Water-based non-toxic ink printing;

5>The sterilization pouch provide clear sterilization process with color changes before and after, marked with color discoloration for sterilization of high-temperature steam and ethylene oxide (EO);

6>Easy to tear double-sided tape, strong adhesive sealing design, no professional equipment can achieve so fast and effective sealing;

7>It is suggested to store in the clean area with temperature below 25"C and humidity below 60% after sterilization, and the commodity shall be valid for 2 years;Period of aseptic validity 180 days after sterilization;

8>National disinfection and sanitary products have been put on record;Safety evaluation report of disinfection products.


The sterilization pouch is disposable, destroy after use.

1. After sterilization, open the self sealing sterilization pouch and use it.

2. It is strictly prohibited to use the pouch when it is found to have holes and may leak.

3. Paper layering is prohibited when opened.

4. Use the product within 6 months after sterilization.Over 6 months to repackage and sterilize.

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