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In Face of the COVID-19, Hanchin Takes Its Responsibility
Feb 10, 2020

With the turbulent epidemic and shortage of protection materials, enterprises must unify their thinking, improve their positions and fully understand the importance of emergency prevention and control materials supply. What’s more, enterprises must effectively strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility, work overtime to produce prevention and control materials and strive to prevent and control the epidemic.

Wang Wei, the general manager of Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.Ltd, received a call from a large domestic manufacturer of protective clothing in Jiangxi Province on New Year's Eve. It should be an ordinary customer phone call for New Year as usual, but this time, it is a call to ask for urgent production.

In order to provide emergency supplies, this customer has started working overtime to produce protective clothing, masks and other protective products to supply epidemic prevention and control. Medical products need to be sterilized before they can be used, so what they are now short of is sterilization pouch.

Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd., a professional manufacturer of disinfection and sterilization packaging products in Anhui Province, received this production task, urgently mobilized and arranged employees to return to the factory by providing subsidies. At the same time, the production manager canceled the holiday and returned to work. After a night of contact and confirmation, the production was officially started on the first day of the New Year, and production lines for sterilization pouch for face mask and were specially developed. On the premise that the staff of each link have done their own health protection, they are working at full capacity and producing continuously for 24 hours to guarantee the production of epidemic prevention and control products.

Not only the local employees who live in Hefei quickly took up their posts, but many front-line production workers in their hometowns outside the province also fought for battle. "I can come, the children in the family are settled, I am in good health and I can go back to work in the factory immediately!" Cui Yulong, Wei Gongcun, Zhang Min, Zhang Yan and other employees did not hesitate after receiving the news that they need to resume work.

Wu Guohui, an old employee of the company, participated in the resumption of work at the beginning of the year and worked continuously for 48 hours without rest, providing a strong guarantee for the company's early resumption.

Sales manager Yuan Wenjun, arrived at the company on the fifth day of new year to maintain online contact with all masks and protective clothing factories about product details and plans. Hefei Hanchin went all out to provide emergency products to these enterprises for rescue.

As production progressed, raw materials continuously needed to be purchased, but transportation was poor, and no freight company could be found. Lv Dejun and Liu Zhichao of the Purchasing Department volunteered to drive to Shandong to purchase materials. They departed on the third day of the New Year's Day and arrived at midnight. They said," We take turns to rest, there is a need for epidemic prevention and control, so we all have to work hard!"

From passive production to active participation in the epidemic war.

"A wide range of our products are mainly exported. However, as soon as we know the epidemic, we persuaded overseas customers and other domestic product customers to postpone their orders, and production should be given priority to domestic epidemic prevention products." said the manager, “our company has convened 4 major department leaders for the meeting to make all-sided plans to ensure production and supply. In addition to ensuring the scarce materials outside the province, the company has also actively contacted all enterprises inside the province that produce rescue materials. We strive to give priority to inside demand if  they need emergency product sterilization packaging. "Some companies may not know that we resumed production on the first day. Now we have the ability and confidence to fight this tough battle. As a company with the sense of social responsibility, we must do our utmost to ensure that masks and protective clothing factories are regularly supply to the market.

There is a busy production scene in the factory, the manager told the reporter,  the recovery of the emergency guarantee production is also grateful for the support of the government and the effective measures, also, after high-speed control, the transportation of emergency supplies is unimpeded.

Due to January 30, the company has delivered nearly 600,000 sterilization pouch of masks and surgical protective clothing to the whole country. Through this period of hard work, the resumption of production has reached 40%. But it still will take time to fully recover or even expand capacity. After the New Year is also a period of labor shortage, the company also released the recruitment information early, hoping to meet the needs of expanding production as soon as possible and fully guarantee the national epidemic prevention and control.

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