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Can the sterilization paper bag be recycled? - Hanchin Medical
Nov 05, 2020

With the rapid development of my country's medicine industry, such as sterilization paper bags, which have always been used as foils, have begun to take the lead and become an important part of the medicine industry. Those who want to save costs will think, can the sterilization paper bag be used multiple times? This article will tell you the answer.

Here is the content list:

  • Why is the sterilization paper bag disposable?

  • How does regional disinfection center deal with sterilization paper bags?

  • How to supervise recycling of used sterilization paper bags?

Why is the sterilization paper bag disposable?

Medical appliance with superior performance is now a relatively scarce resource, especially in the context of the raging COVID-19, it is difficult to find a reliable medical sterilization bag supplier. The high demand for medical appliances in the market has also triggered a process of price increases, greatly increasing the cost of many medical sterilization bags.

Due to the increase in costs and the limited availability of commonly used medical devices, some medical institutions are forced to save and reuse medical materials, which exposes patients to serious risks of infection and disease.

The key to solving these very frustrating problems is to seek the help of a serious and reliable sterilization paper bag manufacturer. Although many sterilization paper bag distributors only seek to increase profits, some other distributors are striving to professionally meet the needs and requirements of customers, setting reasonable purchase prices, and striving to provide customers with any type of sterilization paper bag they need.

The market price of medical appliances such as sterilization paper bag is rather high, but the supply chain is relatively small. We are now focusing all our efforts on correcting this obvious difference and providing customers with professional and exceptional services in exchange for you further cooperation.

How does regional disinfection center deal with sterilization paper bags?

It is the barrier of the disinfection supply center that allows many hospital patients to seek medical care at ease.

Regional disinfection supply centers are playing more and more roles in the function of receiving, cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and distributing medical appliances like autoclave sterilization bags, and the allocation of medical resources through this resource sharing method, reduce the cost of medical treatment.

It is understood that the establishment of the disinfection supply center was also established under the strong promotion of the country. In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's medical industry, regional disinfection supply centers have become a trend, and their establishment has also played an important role in society and hospitals.

By establishing a regionalized disinfection supply center, it effectively ensures that the sterilization paper bag needed by the hospital can be processed in time to meet the hospital's demand for such items, and it can also save the hospital a lot of operating costs while avoiding a large amount of social capital duplication. Investment and idleness, so many regions have gradually established regional disinfection supply centers under the guidance of the government.

How to supervise recycling of used sterilization paper bags?

In summary, the autoclave sterilization bag that has not been disinfected or used will carry various bacteria, and if it is not handled properly, it will cause great pollution to the environment. Some people illegally buy used autoclave sterilization bags and reprocess them for sale. The recycling of used autoclave sterilization bags must be supervised in place to be effectively solved.

1.       Strengthen the awareness of social responsibility, popularize and increase the society's awareness and responsibility of medical waste issues. Intensify publicity on the hazards of medical waste. Use physical pictures, scene pictures and easy-to-understand language to impart knowledge of autoclave sterilization bag medical waste to relevant personnel, and improve the society's awareness of medical waste treatment and social responsibility.

2.       Innovate regulatory measures and use "Internet +" technology to form a joint regulatory force. The steam sterilization bag medical waste supervision is a systematic project involving many aspects. For example, the use of "Internet +" technology and innovative supervision measures have achieved full traceability and established a mechanism for cooperation and data sharing among various functional departments.

3.       Strengthen training and improve technical level and qualifications. Some staff and sanitation workers are often hired by third parties without relevant medical expertise. It is necessary to strengthen legal knowledge training and business guidance to help them improve their professional level and professional quality, especially to improve their awareness, identification and judgment of medical waste including steam sterilization bags.

In the next few years, a large number of hospitals and medical structures will purchase a large number of medical equipment, including steam sterilization bags, in order to achieve the goal of meeting standards and hospital upgrades. For these medical devices, they become medical waste after they have been used. Hefei Hanchin is committed to producing steam sterilization bags, and at the same time actively assumes social responsibility. We hope that every steam sterilization bag that has been used can be treated harmlessly.

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