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How can sterilization pouch help you in daily life?
Nov 05, 2020

The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with batches of medical supplies being sent to hard-hit areas at a time of rampant disease. Sterilization pouch is also a hero, aimed at helping to contain the spread of the disease, toward the treatment of COVID-19. Self-sealing sterilization pouch is a protective suit for surgical appliance, like the sheath for a katana. Let's see how sterilization pouch is equipped to escort your life.

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  • Why does the sterilization pouch change your life?

  • Why does modern medicine need sterilization pouch?

  • Who favors the sterilization pouch most?

Why does the sterilization pouch change your life?

As we all know, the packaging requirements for medicines and medical devices are very strict, and no physical and chemical reactions between the packaging and the medicines are allowed, and any impurities including bacteria are not allowed.

The medical sterilization pouch is used in the packaging of medical device, which can give acceptable microbial shelter function after sterilization. After sterilization, the medical sterilization pouch can defend the product and maintain the sterile condition inside for a certain term of time, so the medical sterilization pouch is also regarded as a part of the sterile shelter.

Why does modern medicine need sterilization pouch?

Relaying on the severity, postoperative infection may cause the patient to require amputation, or even death in harsh environments. Even for the smallest operation, a sterile environment is of vital meaning. Therefore, the sterilization of surgical apparatus is extremely important. Before the operation, the relevant crew need to take actions to completely stop the activities of all microorganisms in the sterile field. Although there are many ways to eliminate bacteria, there is only one universal and economical way to maintain this sanitary state, and that is by using a medical sterilization pouch.

Based on many years of operating experience, the design concept and production craft of the sterilization pouch we manufactured are more in line with the actual needs of surgery and more effectively protect patients and medical staff. Its main feature is the use of particular composite film and medical dialysis paper, which has good flexibility and flatness.

The sterilization pouch will not be difficult to tear apart, nor will the air run in to contaminate the sterile surgical equipment, thereby preventing allergies or adverse reactions to the patient.

Who favors the sterilization pouch most?

Many people have only seen the medical sterilization pouch in news or hospital documentaries, and may ignore its existence. However, because sterilization pouch can be used in any place where strict sterilization is concerned, it is widely favored by some people. Instead of ignoring them, they pay attention to the use of sterilization pouch.

  • Doctor

There is no doubt that doctors are certainly the supporters of sterilization pouch. For the benevolence of doctors, and they always hope that patients can recover as soon as possible. In fact, in this epidemic, the largest consumption of heat-sealing sterilization pouch is the hospital. Whether they are buyers of sterilization pouch or brave medical staff, they deserve our respect.

  • Dentist

Teeth cleaning is an important part of human health, but because modern people prefer a diet high in oil, many people have related dental diseases. If you don’t pay attention to oral health, you will be miserable when you have an attack. Demand has increased, and various dental clinics have been sprung, and heat-sealing sterilization pouch has become an essential item for dentists.

In order to achieve intervention on the patient's condition, the dentist must use a dental sterilization pouch to avoid bacterial infection of the patient's oral cavity. From a personal point of view, most dental diseases can be prevented and controlled through proper cleaning of teeth, regular inspection of teeth, and healthy diet.

  • Beautician

From a professional point of view, beauticians can help people with cosmetic services and cosmetic surgery. The sterilization pouch and a series of clean medical appliances are used for expected and conventional medical treatment. When beauticians consider the use of medical supplies, they must first consider the safety of needles, sterilization pouch and surgical instruments.

Due to the numerous specifications and parameters of the sterilization pouch, it is unlikely that it will win the bid as an exclusive drug. The medical sterilization pouch enterprise should strengthen the research and development to increase the technical barriers of the product, and avoid product homogeneity is the answer. Hefei Hanchin actively assumes social responsibility while developing itself, leading the trend of using sterilization pouch.

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